About Us

Let’s face it; North Carolina is one of a kind. It’s beautiful from the mountains to the sea, and its people have come together for generations to do great things, from creating a world class university system to protecting its natural resources. North Carolinians are proud of these accomplishments. These are successes that should be protected and built upon.

We believe in a North Carolina in which every person can achieve their true potential and in which every community can thrive...a state in which people and neighborhoods are safe, healthy and just. In today’s North Carolina far too many individuals, families and communities are being left behind, excluded from participation in the processes of democracy and left out of growing prosperity.

Working together we can better address the complex issues of racial injustice, the massive and growing gap between the richest and poorest, and the privatization of public resources for private financial gain. All of these issues are exacerbated by money in politics and legislative efforts to decrease the power of the vote.

Who We Are

Blueprint is a network of 41 non-profit, non-partisan organizations working together across issues and racial lines to advance equity and social justice in North Carolina.

What We Do

Blueprint provides opportunities for training, resource sharing and convening for partner organizations that use civic engagement and education to advocate for a healthy democracy that works to remove barriers and to provide the resources communities need to achieve opportunity, security and well-being.