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NC Statewide Police Accountability Network (NCSPAN) Power Research Fellowship with Southern Vision Alliance


Everyday black and brown people continue to be harassed and taken by police. Our elected officials stand by, while NC’s wealthiest continue to profit off the exploitation and pushout of people of color. We declare: “the whole system is guilty.”

Help us #UnveilthePower behind our state’s police by joining our crew of Power Researchers and demand that they take action for black lives. Fill out this form for more information.

Host Organization

The NC Statewide Police Accountability Network (NCSPAN) is a  network of North Carolina organizations  that agree to work together collectively to amplify the voices and the work happening in our local communities. We will have a strong statewide alliance that will build intersectional people power that seeks to move from a police state and dismantle the cops by creating more police accountability,  police free zones,  and by building community, education, and alternate systems.

Program Description

Our fellowship program will bring together three fellows to develop expertise in deep power research that informs campaign strategy. Fellows will be hosted at NCSPAN partner organizations and conduct research that enhances ongoing campaign work.

Fellows will meet for a full day retreat at the beginning of the program to learn the basics of power research and then on a monthly basis for the six months to follow.

Fellows will answer these basic campaign research questions throughout the process:

  1. Target research: Who is complicit? How are they benefiting/profiting?
  2. Demands: What must/can they do differently to protect black lives?
  3. Action: What can we do to disrupt their business as usual?
  4. Communication: How can we #UnveilthePower to in accessible ways to our community?

NC SPAN partners with expertise in power research will support each fellow throughout the program. Each fellow will be expected to (1) build profiles on ten powerful figures in their region and three institutions in the Little Sis database (a Wiki used by progressive researchers to map power relationships); (2) develop an infographic web of relationships with accompanying “story” of how the flow of power drives policy that devalues black people; (3) work with their host organization or coalition to draft data visualizations and talking points that can bolster and inform campaign strategy.


  1. A full-day retreat in February, will require travel (associated costs will be covered)
  2. Monthly conference calls to check-in with the cohort, share findings, etc
  3. A half-day retreat mid-point check-in
  4. Mapping ten powerful figures and three institutions
  5. Create a power map that centers key powerful figures
  6. Develop talking points that will help integrate new power research into host organization’s existing campaign
  7. Attend the NC SPAN’s first quarter summit (two-days, travel required, travel stipends available)
  8. Regular reporting on progress to goal (check-in with program supervisor)

Program Benefits

  1. Training in cutting-edge power research methodology
  2. Ongoing one-on-one coaching from national, state, and local power research, organizing and communications experts
  3. Peer support through participation in a cohort of power researchers

Eligibility for interested applicants

  • Is a member, supporter or volunteer of a NC SPAN, BLOC, or Blueprint partner organization and,
  • Is actively involved in the statewide police accountability network
  • Is 29 years old or younger
  • Youth who are LGBTQ identifying people of color are especially encouraged to apply

Stipend and Hours

Each fellow will be provided with a stipend of $1,000 in two installments (mid-way and at completion). Fellows will be expected to contribute an average of 8 hours per week to the fellowship though there will be periods of high and low activity throughout.

To Apply:

Submit your cover letter, resume, references as attachments to Applications submitted by January 15th will be given priority. Use the subject line “Power Research Application.”

In your cover letter, include the answer to the following questions:

  1. What work, volunteer, or personal experience energizes you to work towards the NCSPAN’s mission?
  2. How will this fellowship prepare you to achieve your personal and/or professional goals?
  3. What’s one idea, grounding commitment, or unique skill set you will bring to the work?