Our Work

Blueprint North Carolina is a statewide partnership of 46 non-profit organizations working together to ensure all North Carolinians have a voice in our democracy and a full share of its benefits. Blueprint focuses on strengthening collective voter engagement, executing a shared messaging strategy that mobilizes the public for a responsive democracy and enhancing our partners’ abilities to work together.

Blueprint centers all of our work in race equity. Operating with an equity lens requires explicitly acknowledging the impact of structural racism and proactively developing strategies to dismantle it. We believe our partners must work effectively together and through this framework to understand the barriers that people of color face to fully participating in our democracy.

Blueprint’s core strategy is collective impact. Collective impact acknowledges that the challenges facing our state are beyond what any single organization can meaningfully affect. In traditional collaboration models, organizations bring different theories of change and goals to the table and matches organizations with different levels of capacity, which can result in a stifling power imbalance. Within North Carolina, Blueprint is the backbone support organization designed to address these pitfalls. We facilitate collaboration between partners by establishing a clear decision-making structure and building a common agenda with demonstrated buy-in.

Supporting this network is a robust system of resources including extensive training opportunities, work-groups, grants and support staff.